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i need a good hard fuck!!!!
what i got up to this weekend.. ;)

I went to my friends last night and she lives with this guy, it was the first time we’d met last night we were all just chilling watching telly and i could see him staring at me i tried to ignore him but i couldn’t it was like i was drawn to him i looked at him and he looked right into my eyes and smirked i felt myself blush i never blush but as soon as he give me that look my thoughts were becoming real dirty and i couldn’t help but get embarrassed! We shared looks all night until my friend fell asleep on the sofa i got up and went into the kitchen to make a drink making sure he got a good look of my arse as i got up and brushed past him, i started to make a tea in the kitchen i could hear him coming but i ignored it and stood waiting for the kettle to boil then i felt his breth on my neck and his hands running down my body i turned around and kissed him he picked me up and put me on the kitchen table his hands were down my knickers at this point he was rubbing my clit while kissing and sucking my nipples i couldn’t get enough of him it was like i was in a trance the next thing i remember was his tongue licking around my clit and my pussy he kept putting the tip of his tongue in me only slightly teasing me, i was embarrassingly wet by this point so i whispered to him to fuck me he opened my legs and pulled me towards his cock thrusting it right inside me it made me so brethless he leaned over as he slid himself in and out of me kissing my lips and running his hands through my hair it was insane its the first time ive actually felt like i made love instead of just being fucked, going home today was hard as my friends lives quite far away but he is deffo top of the list for the best fucks.   

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